End Citizens United’s Comprehensive Plan To End Citizens United

Our democracy is directly under attack. It seems that large corporations and the wealthy can simply buy the government these days. And it was all started by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

In 2008, Citizens United was a little known political action committee trying to air a 90-minute fake documentary about Hillary Clinton. They broke FEC rules by trying to air the film to close to election day. They were denied the right to air the propaganda, and, of course, Citizens United filed suit.

Citizens United was told no by the FEC and other federal courts. Then the Supreme Court chose the case completely out of the blue. Five conservative justices then returned one of the most jaw-dropping decisions in the history of the Republic. They somehow spun logical circles fast enough to get dizzy in order to say that corporations are people. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

I don’t know about you, but I have never met a corporate person. However, this incredibly stupid decision is now affecting each and every one of our lives. It allows these corporate persons to express free speech with the use of cash in order to influence elections.

I only take solace in the fact that End Citizens United was assembled just a few years later. The grassroots organization is inspiring with a multilevel plan to take power back from corporations.

The group travels the country to endorse Democratic candidates that want to end Citizens United. They turn their fundraising powers on for the candidate in order to raise money to fight off the corporations that will inevitably attack. End Citizens United only takes money from individuals and never takes donations from corporations. They have quite the fundraising capability and they are currently using it to aid Beto O’Rourke in his Senate race with Ted Cruz.

They’ve also dispatched campaign-finance advocates to watch over critical elections across the country. End Citizens United has filed a lawsuit against Rick Scott in his bid for a Senate seat in the state of Florida. They just caught him coordinating with his super PAC which is against campaign finance law.

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