How CFO’s like Gary McGaghey are Achieving Growth in 2022

Gary McGaghey is among the CFOs raising concerns about growth in 2022. Complications with COVID-19 continue to impact businesses from all around the world. CFOs are facing challenges such as concerns of new COVID-19 variants, talent shortages, inflation and pricing strategies, and the uncertainty of future tax policies.

McGaghey, a private equities expert and CFO of Williams Lea Tag, agrees that these are the most pressing challenges that CFOs are facing. According to a PwC Pulse Survey, 83% of CFOs believe that attracting and retaining talent is the most important factor in creating growth. Additionally, 59% of CFOs are considering changes to their pricing strategies to offset rising input costs.

To help meet these demands, the future of the workplace means switching to a hybrid environment, increasing employee trust, and sincerely showing workers how much they matter to prevent resignations and productivity loss. Building this trust involves tangible efforts regarding transparency and accounting. Most CFOs agree that new hybrid business models do not affect revenue growth. It’s this understanding of what employees need that will keep CFOs like Gary McGaghey ahead of the curve.

For some businesses, the pandemic has also revealed major issues with supply chains. For these executives, it will be important to create a diverse supply chain going forward: using more local resources and building up a larger inventory to protect against future disruptions.

Before joining Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey previously worked with Robertsons, Unilever, and Nelsons. McGaghey went to the University of Natal and the University of South Africa, and has bachelor’s degree and postgraduate degree in Commerce.