How President And CEO Rick Shinto Had InnovaCare Health Respond To Hurricane Maria

InnovaCare, Inc., is a New Jersey-based firm that offers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, M.D. Another top executive is Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Both of these individuals have decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of their members. They work with healthcare providers, patients, and payers to help people gain access to affordable healthcare.

Rick Shinto started out his career as a medical doctor in Southern California. Over time he transitioned into an executive role such as at Medical Pathways Management Company (MPMC) where he was the chief medical officer. Before joining InnovaCare he had been the CEO at another Medicare and Medicaid provider, Aveta, Inc. He was honored in February 2018 when Modern Healthcare recognized his as a Top 25 Minority Executives In Healthcare. He took an active role in making sure people still had access to healthcare after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Check out


Penelope Kokkinides specializes in providing government-backed healthcare policies to people. She previously worked for AmeriChoice as a corporate vice president and was an executive vice president and COO at Centerlight HealthCare. She was selected to join a White House panel where she was able to share her views about Medicare and Medicaid coverage in Puerto Rico. She said that the funding for these programs had been unfairly cut commensurate with the fifty states and she argued this funding should be restored. She said that this would save the government money because otherwise many Puerto Ricans would seek medical help in states like Florida where the costs are far higher than they are in Puerto Rico. For more details visit

The team at InnovaCare Health did all that they could to support Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Just two weeks after this hurricane struck they had forward-deployment teams on the ground in Puerto Rico who provided free medical services in ten cities. They helped over 4,000 Puerto Ricans in the first few months regardless of whether or not they had medical plans. They also opened Recargate which was initially a place for people to recharge their devices. It soon became a clinic where people could refill subscriptions, obtain medical care, and get access to other services.



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