How Whitney Wolfe Is Helping Others to Buzz Into Love

One of the most striking attributes about Whitney Wolfe, CEO, and founder of Bumble is her suppleness. She is on 2017 Forbes Magazine 30-under –30 lists. Most of her associates describe her as tireless. Whitney and her team at Bumble works work 24/7. Bumble, the 4th most popular mobile dating app was launched in 2014 grew into a promising startup shortly after the launch. With operational bases in both London and Los Angeles, Wolfe juggles between the offices, dividing her attention in the best way she can.

Born to Catholic-Jewish parents in Salt Lake City, Wolfe, a graduate of Southern Methodist University, attended both Jewish and Catholic schools, graduating with knowledge and understanding of her double heritage. She spent her teenage years in France learning the best of the French culture. There is no doubt that she has a real feel of ‘worlds.’ She is a perceptive person, and she has a soft spot for creativity; talk of the queer paintings of her childhood.

Bumble is a game changer. The feminine app has empowered women in a unique way. Single women seeking to date enjoy the opportunity to initiate contact, to set standards and to avoid unorthodox and often uncomfortable techniques used by men seeking to date women. There is no room for time wasters and annoying stalkers.

The success rate of Bumble app is stunning. Currently, there are millions of Bumble users across the world. Each day thousands of new users are signing up to be ‘bumblers.’ Wolfe’s hard work has paid off. Her meticulous planning, creativity, and knowledge of the users have propelled Bumble to be the best mobile dating app in the world today.

Whitney Wolfe is a philanthropic soul. BP’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico irked her so much that she swore to contribute. One of the outcomes of her efforts was Eco-friendly yoga bags that targeted campus girls. She has also volunteered for an orphanage in Northern Thailand.

Additionally, she launched in 2012 at Hatch Labs, the number one dating app, Tinder, placed Wolfe at the center of the world stage. Wolfe’s company has also launched Bumble BFF to help its users reconnect with friends.