IM Academy

IM Academy is an educational institution that trains online and digital investment strategies in forex trading. IM Academy was founded in the year 2013 by two Forex experts, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. IM Academy, also known as Imarketslive, is a legally registered firm whose headquarters are based in New York. By using multilevel marketing, the training institute has grown enormously, reaching approximately 225,000 active subscribers from different spheres of the world.

IM Academy teaches with modules that are referred to as “academies.” Each academic video module has live sessions with content where students can apply knowledge in real-life situations. Teaching is done in more than thirteen languages on how Forex works, and students can seek answers to their questions from the tutor. To qualify for the next tutoring academy, you must pass a regularly scheduled test. The Academy is composed of the following four learning academies.

FRX Academy

It contains seventy-six video modules and gives the students the basics of foreign currency exchange. The essentials of this academy include a background in Forex, understanding stop losses, harmonics, understanding trends, risk management, and knowing the markets.

HFX Academy

This introduces the students to the high-frequency exchange, margins, order types, and spreads. It has 95 pre-recorded video modules, and you must pass a test at the end.

DCX Academy

This training is about digital currency exchange basics. It has 25 pre-recorded video modules that teach about trading, valuation, market block chain volatility, and digital currencies.

ECX Academy

This teaches e-commerce and techniques to manage an online business. The course outline includes an introduction, selling techniques, marketplace options, advertising, customer satisfaction, and mode of payment. This mode still concludes with a test quiz.

Discount packages

IM Academy have a discount offer which is referred to as the Elite Academy. You purchase a 54% initial subscription and receive a 48% discount on each monthly subscription. This can save a lot, especially when compared to when purchasing an individual program. Optional add-ons are available that offer higher levels of knowledge.

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