IM Academy

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, two experienced traders who wanted to share their knowledge with the world. After years of hard work, they’ve built up a great academy that teaches aspiring traders everything they need to know about forex. With a complete selection of educational content, you can learn everything you need to know about Forex Trading online.

The company offers hundreds of hours of interactive video, making it possible to learn while doing. Online trading academy is one of today’s most trusted education providers, offering courses related to technical analysis, cryptocurrencies and forex, and risk management & trading psychology. The academy teaches you all the essentials of trading, including, but not limited to, technical analysis, spread betting, cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, risk management, and EAs and brokerages.

IM Academy is the world’s largest provider of Forex education and trading training. With over 225,000 subscribed traders worldwide, IM is dedicated to bringing aspiring Forex traders’ high-quality video and text training that helps them attain consistent success in the financial markets. Its flexible subscription-based model allows tens of thousands of customers to access a variety of high-quality educational products and services from anywhere at any time.

IM Academy has been around for eight years, and there’s a reason for its success: it helps people make informed financial decisions. With over 225,000 subscribers, the company offers an affordable way to learn about trading from experienced professionals in the industry. Although the school focuses on Forex education, it also offers students a variety of other tools to grow their knowledge and increase their profits over time.

Since 2013, IM Academy has helped thousands of traders build their skills and achieve their goals in the foreign exchange market. The brand offers a variety of educational services and courses, including live webinars, online training videos, trading concepts, technical analysis, and tutorials. See this page for more information.


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