InnovaCare Contrasts Medicare Advantage with Medicare

The main difference between the traditional, LBJ originated, Great Society, Medicare and Medicare advantage is the first is bureaucratically administered and the latter is privately administered. Medicare is run directly by the federal government. This entitlement program has two parts, A and B, for medical coverage for Americans age 65 and older. The health care given is paid for by a monthly premium for Part B. Medigap is available for as a supplement on A separate prescription Drug Plan is available but it must be purchased from a private provider and separately. When making office or hospital visits, there is a deductible or copay for office visits and treatment which is most often 20 percent of the the government list price of each procedure.

Medicare Advantage Plans like InnovaCare are sold directly to the public by private insurance carriers. They cover both Medicare Part A and B as does Medicare and provide additional coverage such as dental care and eye care. These plans are just like many HMO, PPO and PFF plans that people under the age of 65 had before ObamaCare came along. In fact, ObamaCare is set to abolish these plans in the future. Participating in these plans means that the beneficiary only holds this private plan and does not participate in the Original Medicare at all.

Medicare premiums must still be paid with an extra Medicare Advantage premium in some cases. InnovaCare Health has doctors in a network that is typical of a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans only use doctors that participate in a particular Medicare Advantage Plan. Choosing a doctor and keeping a doctor is one of the popular features. Medigap is not available when participating in these plans. This means that if a person wants drug coverage, they must choose a Medicare Advantage Plan that contains drug coverage.

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One of the main differences between the two is that Original Medicare allows patients to see any doctor or stay in any hospital in the fifty states that accepts Medicare. Sadly, these are becoming fewer since the inception of ObamaCare. Many who are over age 65 have found that they can insure that they get the care they need by having a Medicare Advantage Plan that fits their needs in a network and a plan that is a PPO or a PFFS, however, these plans are more expensive. Innovacare Health is lead by some of the most well informed and experienced health care professionals such as Doctor Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides as Chief Administrative Officer helps Rick Shinto.

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