Jason Hope on Championing for the Internet of Things and SENS

Jason Hope is an accomplished internet entrepreneur whose predictions on future technologies have always come to pass. He is also a renowned investor who invests his time and finances in philanthropy from time to time. Many people are always amazed by the thinking capabilities that Jason Hope presents, especially when they realize that his predictions have finally been accomplished. One of the predictions which Jason has always talked about is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is one of the technologies that is currently taking over the world in terms of popularity. 


Jason Hope


People have now embraced and found value in the interconnection of devices. With IoT, users gain control of things that they wouldn’t have control over before. Back when Jason talked about IoT as the future, very few people knew that the technology would be trending everywhere sooner or later. Jason Hope further predicts that the current growth of the Internet of Things is not the end of it. The technology has amazing potential, and the result will be almost every device being interconnected. 


People should expect a future whereby the performance of tasks will be easy, thanks to the capabilities of the Internet of Things. One of the most remarkable predictions Jason Hope has made is that eventually, the technology will allow people to stay in control of their health through the use of IoT-powered devices. As a result, despite various health challenges, people will live long and healthy lives. On the philanthropic side, Jason Hope has been working closely with SENS since 2010 by helping fund the research program’s ventures. The subject of controlling aging and its effects which the organizations deal in, is an area in which Jason has a great interest. The SENS is developing biotechnologies to aid in the controlling of the aging process. Jason grew an interest in SENS because, just like the Internet of Things, SENS is out to make life better.


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