Leading the Way: Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal has been a success in the executive industries for more than twenty years. He has been able to make a carer out of being in the right place at the right time. He has had the knack of helping businesses in a variety of industries move forward in Australia. Now he is a part of a new business that is beginning to take hold. Vik Bansal has named CEO of a new company called Infrabuild.

Infrabuild builds long steel products. The company makes a variety of steel products for all kinds of uses from fencing to tubes to structural steel. The reason that he took the job was that it has given him a new challenge to look at. He knows how the company is positioned and has some ideas on how to improve that position. His predecessor will help him move into the job slowly but surely. He will officially begin his tenure on July first of this year.

Vik Bansal is excited about this new opportunity. He can now try his hand at a new industry and make a success of it. He wants to make sure that the success of InfraBuild continues into the future. He has had experience in high-level positions before and will do his best to make sure this is no different.

Vik Bansal went to Deakin University where he earned a Master’s degree in 1996. He was also a part of INSEAD and graduated in 2013 from the Advanced Management Program. He specialized in Organization Design, Leadership, and Strategy. He also worked for six years at Cleanaway and saw the turnaround that the company made as well. He started his career at Valmont Industries and made a name for himself. He has been a success for more than twenty productive years.

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