Leo Radvinsky Uses B4X to Find Success as a Tech Visionary

Leo Radvinsky is a tech entrepreneur with in-depth experience using the programming language B4X. His generosity and pursuit of open source technology has paved the way for innovators worldwide. Here are just a few of the success stories made possible by Leonid Radvinsky.

Douglas Farias currently owns ID Desenvolvimento, which operates out of Brazil. Since 2014, Farias and his small team have created more than 500 applications. ID Desenvolvimento currently offers app development services for its clients.

While Farias has found success as a tech entrepreneur, the path hasn’t always been easy. His journey started at the end of 2013 after leaving the army. Seeking a new career path, he decided to pursue programming. After reading a few books, he gave app development a try. JAVA was the first programming language he used, but he later discovered B4X. As he kept learning, asking questions, and working on his craft, he created a few profitable applications. From there, he decided to hire a team and grow his own business — which is how ID Desenvolvimento was formed.

Another success powered by Leonid Radvinsky’s work is that of Lihang Xu, the creator of  ImageTrans, a computer-assisted image translation tool. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this tool can automatically locate text areas and perform OCR operations. This project was built on B4X, and Xu has Leo Radvinsky to thank for that.

One big reason why Leo enjoys working on B4X is its rapid development speed. Also, it’s a programming language he’s familiar with. Although he has experience with other languages like Turbo Pascal and Basic4ppc, Leo talks very highly of B4X. He also enjoys its enthusiastic community that offers tutorials, code examples, and answers to his important questions.

Leo Radvinsky is also responsible for an innovative advancement in scoreboard technology. With the help of B4X, Bryon Dunkley-Smith enabled basketball scoreboards to display scores, player stats, and game video on the same large screen in arenas. This accomplishment was 20 years in the making, and it was finally on display for the first time in 2021.

Leo Radvinsky is known as a technology visionary, capital investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. While he has found success in his flourishing career, as have countless others, it wouldn’t be possible without B4X.