Mahmoud Khattab

Dr. Mahmoud Khattab CEO has been a long-standing member of the medical community for about 30 years. As a native Syrian, Mahmoud Khattab attended Syria’s finest medical institution, the University of Damascus, where he earned a medical degree in 1993. Khattab finished his residency training at Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, after moving to the United States. The residency program at Case Western Hospital is among the most prestigious in the United States, with a tough curriculum.

His passion to the medical industry comes from a genuine drive to serve individuals, particularly those that need improved access to healthcare services.

Mahmoud Khattab Elk Grove has a history of philanthropy in addition to his work in the medical area and ceo traits. As far as charity initiatives go, his involvement with Syrian refugees stands out. As President of the Syrian American Council, Khattab has served on a number of charitable boards.

Precision M.D., a medical practice in Elk Grove, California, is currently headed by Mahmoud Khattab, who serves as its CEO. Fillers, exfoliation, hair removal, contour, and more are all available at the cosmetic surgery center. Clients can choose between non-surgical and surgical procedures to improve their appearance and well-being according to Mahmoud Khattab effective leadership skills. Read here about Mahmoud Khattab

Just how can you make the most of an ordinary workday?

It is my job as CEO of Precision MD to run the company during the workday. It takes a lot of time and effort to efficiently run such a busy practice. At my job, I place a great deal of importance on the well-being of our patients. But I also want to make sure that my staff are well-taken care of and have a positive working environment. I think about how I might improve the practice for both my patients and my coworkers. I also go to the gym three or four times a week to maintain my physical and mental well-being and reduce my stress levels.