Mark Hauser Announces the Important Sale of the Ophthalmology Business

Eye Care Partners (ECP) is a leading clinically integrated network of ophthalmology providers worldwide. They announced an agreement to give credit to OH-based CEI Vision Partners (CVP), rated as Optical Vision’s leading network. Hauser Private Equity (HPE) refers to a Cincinnati-based company founded by Mark Hauser and owned by Swiss Private Equity Group Holding AG. At the time of purchase, Eye Care Partner was ready to serve 3 million patients annually and ensure high-quality services.

Mark Hauser stated that he invested heavily in ophthalmology in his fund portfolio; therefore, Operation Brigade of Revelstoke and CEI also worked confidently. The Acquisition of Eye Care Partners is a testament to Cincinnati’s business and market power investment. The collaboration includes 280 ophthalmologists and optometrists from eighteen states supported by approximately 5,000 medical staff and 1,200. However, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Mark Hauser talked about Hauser Private Equity and appreciated the uninterrupted growth of his other two co-investments with Ortho Alliance (officially Beacon Orthopedics), headquartered in Cincinnati OH., the Revelstoke Capita and DataLink, headquartered in Tampa, FL.

In 2018, Hauser Private Equity became part of Revelstoke, which turned out to be a strategic partner for speculation among Eye Care Partners. CEI is a combination of Revelstoke and the Cincinnati Eye Institute, a company designed to support the growth of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, granting it chances to collaborate with other leading eye care service providers.

The Acquisition certified by Dayton Eye Associates, such as CEI Vision Partners, has developed over 150 learners looking forward to growing it. Mark Hauser announced CEI Vision’s employees and investors in Hauser Private Equity Core Fund III.