NumbersUSA is an anti-immigration advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. It was founded by Roy Beck, a former conservative talk radio host, and is funded primarily by donations from members.

  1. Goals

It seeks to reduce the number of unwanted immigrants entering the country through lobbying for immigration reduction legislation and supporting candidates who support such legislation. It also lobbies against illegal immigration and advocates for additional border security measures to prevent illegal immigration. The organization argues that the number of immigrants entering the country should be reduced to about 250,000 per year. The organization also strongly opposes a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

  1. Philosophy

NumbersUSA advocates for reducing immigration to about 250,000 per year and believes that illegal immigration should be stopped through increased border security measures and stronger enforcement against employers who hire illegal immigrants. The organization also believes that legal immigration should be restricted to being “a rare occurrence” and that people who enter the country illegally should be deported. The organization believes that a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants is wrong and “a recipe for continued illegal immigration.” The organization does not believe in open borders and believes that immigrants who come to the country legally should not receive any government assistance.

  1. Activities

The organization lobbies for immigration reduction legislation, support candidates who support such legislation, and opposes illegal immigration through its members’ participation in electoral politics. It also lobbies against illegal immigrants, opposing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The organization works to prevent illegal immigration by providing information about the dangers of crossing the border illegally. The organization also provides legal aid to those injured or killed by an illegal immigrant.

NumbersUSA has been able to increase the number of members involved in politics by providing them with information about the dangers of illegal immigration. Immigration reduction is a very important issue to Americans, and NumbersUSA has been able to increase the number of people interested in immigration reduction.

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