NeuroCore: Giving You The Strength To Control Your Mind

What if you could have better control of your thoughts? What if you could fight back this negative thought? What if you could change the way you experience life? If you could do it, would you?

If the answer is yes, then let us introduce ourselves. Our company is called NeuroCore. We have been created to provide the skills and the tools to help people control, the way they think and feel.

Depression is a killer emotion. With many people in some incidents taking their lives over feeling so depressed. Depression doesn’t need to be a significant factor in how you experience the gift called life.

You can take back your life; you can fight depression and win. But only by learning how to focus and control your thoughts.

Here at Neurocore, we are dedicated to providing you all the tools and skills you will need in developing this kind of mentality. Read more at about Neurocore.

NeuroCore: Giving You The Strength To Control Your Mind

At NeuroCore you will be given test and mission to overcome. These test and little mission s are designed to provide you the resolution you will need in the emotional battle called depression. The test is designed to shift your way of thinking from negative to positive.

We reward you everytime you do so. This method that we use is called Neurofeedback. And Neurofeedback is a method that is built around repetition. Constantly focusing on the positive will shift your mindset into a more positive direction.

Since the brain is a plastic organ, meaning that is can change as we want it to, the test we design use this fact about the brain to help, you overcome your negative thinking.



NeuroCore: Pushing you in a positive direction

Nuerocore is dedicated to helping people live a happier and healthier life. Depression not only affects your emotional state but it also affects your physical state. Negative feelings can cause you to feel extremely sick and be able to prevent this is a great help in living a happier and healthier life.

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Many Admire Logan Stout

There are some people out there who live out their lives in a way that causes others to take notice of them and strive to be like them. Logan Stout is one of those individuals. He is someone who has received attention over and over again because of the way that he is living and all that he has done. He is one of the most sought-after speakers out there, and he goes around sharing a message with those who are looking to hear from him. He is a mentor and a writer. He is someone who is always willing to share with those who respect him and who would like to learn from him.

Logan Stout has a passion for helping other people, and he shows that in all that he does. He is involved in charitable causes, all with the goal of helping those who are less fortunate than he is. He has a passion for helping others develop the leadership skills that they need to make the most of their lives. He is a leader who would like to help others become leaders, as well. He works hard to inspire others and to share his passion with them.

There is much to be gained by looking up to an individual like Logan Stout. This man is not only a good person, but he is someone who is successful. He is someone who has made a name for himself and he is someone who is earning a good living. He shares openly with those who are interested in his life, and it is important for individuals to listen up. Logan Stout is someone who is regularly on the radio and television, and all who see him on such devices should pay attention to what he is sharing and the message that he is giving.

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Sentient AI Creates Software for Personalized Merchandizing

Sentient Technologies has been around for a handful years working in the sector of tech solution. The company was created by businessman Mr. Antoine Blondeau who is operating as the chairman of Sentient Technologies. The business is most widely known as Sentient AI as it develops software which based on AI of artificial intelligence.

The main objective of Sentient AI is to create software products that help retail businesses such e-commerce websites to enhance their performance in terms of sales as well as client retention, and so on. The company Sentient AI has put out two software products so far which is called Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend.

Sentient Aware was the first program that the company released. It is strongly geared towards e-commerce businesses. Sentient Aware works according to the latest change in the consumer behavior. Over the past few years, the world of consumerism has skyrocketed, and buyers are increasingly more critical as well as far less patient, and more tech-savvy. If one retail website does not satisfy them, they have no problem jumping to another one in a matter of seconds. The more consumer behavior changes, the more online retail businesses need to develop the way they operate in order to stay relevant.

When a potential buyer goes to an online store, the first thing they see is the design. After that, the customer notices all of the products that are displayed, and this is where the Sentient Aware comes in. The software’s AI analyzes each individual person visiting the online store. The program compiles data about where the person clicks first, what kind of criteria they respond to, what is their click-through rate, what the pass by, and many other telltale signs about what the person might have a preference to.

Having compiled such information, Sentient Aware creates a unique and customized experience for each individual visitor. The program displays different products to different people depending on what it has gathered about their preferences. Previously, online stores generalized consumers instead. Everyone would see the same products circulating and if something would catch their attention than the store would make additional profit.

Today, things are different. Personalized marketing is everything, and that is a much better and more efficient way to achieve a higher conversion rate and profit. Just about every site relies on personalized merchandising these days which is why AI software is so necessary.

Frontera Fund Started Because of Joe Arpaio

On the evening of October 18, 2007, armed sheriffs, known as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s frightening Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa County, strong-armed Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin and thrust them into unmarked black SUVs.

The two men that were taken from their Phoenix homes were Village Voice Media executives.

They were charged and placed into separate jails run by Arpaio.

The whole scheme was planed and implemented by Sherriff Arpaio.

The man who had proclaimed himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff, was angry about a story the Phoenix New Times had printed disclosing his improprieties. The newspaper described how he had promoted hatred for Mexicans and use politics to impress others and push his anti agenda.

When the mainstream media heard about Arpaio, they brushed it aside and felt he was just an eccentric character.

After this type of dismissal, Phoenix New Times then wrote about how Sherriff Arpaio was abusing his position in the area of finance and management, which were full of discrepancies. It was reported he would get revenge on his who criticized him.

The jails he controlled were not up to the proper standards. Mistreatment, poor living conditions, unconstitutional detainment of Latinos and even deaths, were common occurrences within his administration.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were apparently taken into custody because Arpaio did not like the story they had written for the Phoenix New Times about how he committed an unbelievable attack on the Constitution.

His assault upon this fundamental law was shown in how his friends at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office issued summons searching for specific details about the browsing habits and IP addresses of the newspaper’s readers, writers and editors.

Instead of giving into the pressure the Attorney’s Office was forcing upon them, Lacey and Larkin wrote about what was happening. When inmates would ask why they were in jail, Larkin would answer, for writing.

A protest about the unfair situation lead to both of them being released within 24 hours and all the charges were dismissed.

The illegal lockup of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin resulted in a long court battle about the First Amendments and their rights versus individuals abusing their power.

In 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the officials involved had directed a tremendous attack upon their critics.

Later on in 2013, Lacey and Larkin would receive a $3.7 million dollar settlement from Maricopa County.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin knew exactly what they would do with the money. They would reserved the money to fund the Frontera Fund, an organization that focuses on assisting Hispanics in Arizona, that have endured racial animosity and human rights abuse.

Todd Lubar is the guy with a selfless attitude to make others become homeowners

The famous TDL Global Ventures, LLC firm has Todd Lubar as the President. For a man who also worked as a Sr. VP of Legendary Investments, he would deliver the best results regarding service delivery. As a result, he would be referred to as one who wears many huts and the more than twenty years doing what he loves made him a pro in game. The enviable gesture Todd undertook was elevating and sharpening the skills for those who had embarked on the journey of becoming homeowners. As duty calls, he would explore various sectors in search of financial freedom such as in the Mortgaged Banking, construction in addition to the most loved of all, the entertainment industry.

The guy with a selfless attitude to make others grow has had years of experience in honing his skills. Those that look up for him are in an excellent position to grow and develop and maybe become like him someday. As a result, Todd is humbled and appreciative of anyone seeking his business understanding that he can quickly leverage to whoever desires. Many boasts of owning real estate property courtesy of Todd Lubar’s wisdom and guidance. Visit for more info

A usual day in a schedule of a guy like Todd whose day is a beehive of activities starts early as 5 AM in the morning. He takes a short workout followed by a warm bath. Todd Lubar then enjoys his preferred breakfast; a cup of coffee for that matter, together with his kids. Next, he checks a few emails before scrolling for news. The latter is a very critical norm that puts his day into perspective. More so, he may sometimes bump into information that may affect his industry in various ways and sometimes get information that would lead him to new prospects. He then creates a list of items that would require his attention throughout the day.

One of the fundamental aspirations that catapulted Todd Lubar to be one of the respected reals estate investors is the realization of the potential that lied in the will to do anything that he believed was necessary. Consequently, he has comfortably fulfilled own dreams and purpose in life.

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The fight for justice and freedom of expression

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County in 2007 and he led the unit that arrested and detained Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two who were arrested lived in Phoenix and they worked for Village Voice Media. They were later separated and booked into different rooms in jail. Joe Arpaio conducted the arrest because of the news that had been published by Phoenix New Times about his misconducts. He had encouraged an anti-Mexican movement that fostered fear among the immigrants. His political endeavors in Arizona had also been questioned in the article published.

Joe had nicknamed himself the toughest sheriff in America but this was not the case according to the newspaper articles that were written at the time. Phoenix New Times exposed the mismanagement that was present in the Sheriff’s office at the time and how their financials were not adding up. Further to these, he was also accused of maintaining low health standards in the jails, he abused his power by mistreating inmates while others even died. He conducted and encouraged racism, unlawful arrests and detentions and was very selective on the type of persecutions he authorized.

Jim and Mike found themselves in the eyes of Joe Arpaio when they captured and wrote a story for the Phoenix New Times. The story encompassed how Joe had issued an order to the jury wanting to find out about the people who write, edit and read this newspaper in particular. Joe wanted a list of names, IP addresses and internet logs of these individuals. Jim and Mike wrote the story about Joe and his demands instead of giving up the information they had been requested for and this is why they were arrested. The Duo was released in less than a day after the public demands were met.

Instead of letting go of the situation, they sued Joe for his power abuse and this led to a long court case that matured into a 3.7 million dollars settlement, from the Maricopa County. Jim and Mike decided to channel the money to a project that benefited the Hispanic community. They began the Frontera Fund which stands up for civil rights of people and fights against any form of racism in Arizona. The Frontera Fund has played a big part in Arizona to provide a fair and just society. They supported organizations that fought for the Hispanic groups even when politicians tried to pull the Arpaio card during the midterm elections in 2014.

Sheldon Lavin, Successfully Driving Growth in a Competitive Industry

Food processing is by any standard one of the most important industries in any society. To be engaged in the trade requires you to have a special set of skills that will give you the necessary expertise. The food industry by necessity is a heavily regulated one, and operators have to develop high standards to survive. It is in this high discipline sector that the OSI Group has established itself as a major player.

Led by Sheldon Lavin who is the Chairman and CEO, the company has seen remarkable growth over the years. While Sheldon joined the food processing industry with relatively no experience, many experts agree that he has given a highly commendable performance.

Sheldon Lavin worked in the finance industry prior to joining the food processing sector. As a finance specialist, he offered consultancy services to the Otto & Sons Company in early 70’s. In 1975, Sheldon becomes a partner in the company. This was after he provided the financing that the company needed to start a meat processing facility. The new partners wanted to pursue aggressive growth to cover all major continents. Sheldon Lavin’s experience in the business world was then heavily needed to sustain growth beyond the usual borders.

As an astute businessman, Sheldon strategically worked towards developing a strategic advantage for the company. As of today, the company maintains an active presence in more than 16 countries with up to twenty thousand employees operating eighty facilities.With the magnificent performance the company has undergone since Sheldon took over, industry peers and observers have not failed to notice the developments.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group have received accolades over time. For positioning OSI on the world stage, Sheldon received the Global Vision Award in 2016. The Global Visionary Award is given to those who succeed in turning their little dream into a global venture that changes the lives of so many.

On the philanthropic front, Sheldon Lavin has made his contribution case even stronger. He contributes to the Ronald McDonald House, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Jewish United Fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the United Negro College Fund, and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago.

Forty-three years working for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin shows no signs of weakness. He still has the ambition to expand the company into more countries where they have not yet reached. Leveraging on the administrative efficiency he has established, more success is expected from Sheldon Lavin.

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Roberto Santiago’s Dream Come True

Time off re-energizes us for our next project. This helps calm down our mind and ensure all the fatigue is gone. However, not everyone gets this chance. Different individuals are blocked by various issues. The people of Joao Pessoa were blocked by the lack of luxury facilities in this area. They had to travel to other places to access this joints. This led to high costs incurred for the activities. Roberto Santiago observed this as he grew up. He decided to give his people a place that had all the recreational facilities.

The journey of Roberto Santiago did not begin in large steps. It was gradual. First, he went to the University of Joao Pessoa and Pio X-Marist College. Here he studied Business Administration. This would prepare him for his entrepreneur’s journey. This would also equip him with the basics that he needed for investment. Academic knowledge is necessary to every business person. It helps in the management of employees and financial records as well.

Roberto Santiago was then employed in Café Rosa. This was a home décor company. He utilized this opportunity to learn skills in home décor. With this knowledge and the capital that he had acquired, he began his cartonnage company. Here, he manufactured cardboards using cartons. This eventually transformed into the most prominent business in the area.

Despite the success, this was not where the passion of the investor lied. His love was in Real Estate. In 1987, he went ahead and purchased land on which, he would lay the Roberto Santiago. This was his ultimate project all along. In 1989, he launched the mall.

The residents were highly impressed with the scheme. They immediately branded it a small city. This is because of the number of premises that the Manaira Mall has. Among the facilities are, banking facilities, food courts, jewelry stores, boutiques, colleges. This means whether you want cloth shopping, jewelry shopping or any general shopping, the mall has you covered.

Then there is the Domus Hall; this one is built on the Manaira Mall. It is the most magnificent thing the people of Joao Pessoa had seen. This was the ultimate surprise to the people. The Domus Hall can hold 14000 people. 100000 standing individuals and 4000 sitting individuals.

The size of the mall does not compromise the efficiency of the hall. The hall is designed to ensure that everyone can view what is happening on the screen equally. Then there is the air conditioning. A lot of effort was put to ensure that the environment is conducive for everyone.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has improved the lives of the Joao Pessoa people. The entertainment sector has blossomed. Roberto’s dream has come true. His people can now access all the fun joints, without incurring the transportation cost.


End Citizens United-The Group Trying To Change The Future Of American Politics

The events that are happening in the country have been seen to be the direct result of the less stringent measures on who can and who cannot contribute to the political parties. It is a window that was opened in 2012 when FEC versus Citizens United case led to the approval of a law that allowed prominent organizations to act as individuals when contributing to the political activities and campaigns of various candidates. The latest from the group is that the 2016 election was profoundly flawed, and the Russians were not the only people who meddled with the results.

The speculation that the election results had been tampered with has been going on for some months. It is because everyone was very sure that Hillary was going to win, even the exit polls were indicating the same. It has taken the country close to a year to come to terms with the fact that the Republican is now in office.

Read more: Activist Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United

Various investigations have been going on about the involvement of the Russians in the elections. The first issue that the End Citizens United raises is the fact that even though technically, foreign bodies are prohibited from taking part in the contributions for the elections, it is close to impossible to enforce this law, and the truth is that it has not been applied in the past. There has been a trend of right-wing lawmakers doing away with the rules that were meant to ensure that no foreign money is used in the politics. The reality that the country is facing now is the fact that many wealthy people have more influence than they should on the politics of the day, and their impact is worsening the electoral process for the country.

It is close to impossible to determine how much money came from other countries in the 2016 elections. What is even more difficult to unravel is the number of people who were involved. However, the reality of the matter is that the constitution needs to be amended so that there can be a little bit of regulation on what is allowed and what is not allowed in politics.

These are the problems that End Citizens United wants to fix with the petition they are planning to take to the Supreme Court. They have collected the signatures and are hoping that they will manage to get the change that is needed in the country before the Congressional Mid-terms in 2018.

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Cosmetic Professional, Doe Deere, Speaks Out About Success

Doe Deere, is the unbelievable soft youthful face behind a famous cosmetic brand, but most of all an accomplished female entrepreneur, marketing talent, and technology expert. Deere sat down with The Story Exchange online and talked success and the story about her famous Lime Crime cosmetic brand. Her cosmetics are designed to empower girls and guys around the world to find their unique identity and be completely unapologetic in doing so. She admits her peers were not always on board with her unconventional way of thinking about colors until she made branded her popular cosmetics. Learn more:

She says, a part of being successful in business involves taking risks. She was one of the first to go along with the buttery textured base including a touch proof application. Her risk paid off and continues to be popular among young adults, business professionals, and entertainment celebrities. Her cosmetics offer amazing stay power up to 12 hours with a super-foil formula. Thousands of wearers are choosing her eye-shadow and lipstick brands because of their complete waterproof guarantee. Lime Crime lasts with far less reapplications hours and holds well under the camera lights. Learn more:

Build your look with their liquid eyeliners, eye-shadow palettes, lipsticks, and bundles with a touch proof finish. Her popular lipstick offers vibrant rich hues that are hard to find with their competitors. Choose from cool colors giving you a colorful morning beauty ritual with unbelievable shades. Her kick ass cosmetics stand out with radical colors with a vegan formula. Deere is an adamant animal lover who has always ensured her cosmetics stem from a cruelty-free line. Deere also expanded her line with a 5 palette buttery PURR blend that is dedicated to housing, litter training, and socializing Los Angles stray cats. Choose your next bright color idea with Lime Crime cosmetics today; visit their easy to navigate website and choose your favorite color(s).