PosiGen Provides Low-Cost Solar Energy To Those Who Need it Most

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana back in 2005, causing massive damage and equally massive loss of life. People left to rebuild their lives faced many challenges, including access to clean water, food, and power for their homes. Staff members at PosiGen knew that people who lived in lower-income communities found that they were at a huge disadvantage because these must-have commodities were not as easy to reach as they were for more affluent families in those same areas. 


These lower-to-middle-income families made up a large portion of the total population. Despite multiple programs available intended to help rebuild or upgrade homes, many found that they simply could not afford to do so. Founders of the solar energy company recognized the need to balance out this disparity, and brought affordable home solar energy technology to these less privileged masses. Since then, it’s been PosiGen’s mission to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone. With affordable solar power, people (especially those in lower-income communities), can save on utility bills and make an investment in their homes. 


Posigen solar power company’s main goal is to make a positive impact on the communities that they serve in every state they are currently serving. This includes providing low-cost solar power options, investing in environment-friendly technology, and even offering employment opportunities. And in regards to employment opportunities, PosiGen prides itself on diversity. More than 65% of its workforce are women and people of color. PosiGen has grown and now operates in five states. The company installs thousands of solar power systems every year. PosiGen’s goal is even if we don’t make every dollar, we must save our customers every dollar. 


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