Rocketship Education , Helping Natural Disaster Victims



Rocketship Education is a school chain of public charter schools. They have several locations located through the entire United States. Rocketship Education is a popular non profit because their goal is to help low income elementary students in these low income communities. Rocketship Education is a school that uses modern technology and great teaching strategies to help their students reach their educational goals. Rocketship Education also encourages parents of the students to be deeply engaged in their educational lives as well as their personal lives as well. Kids are constantly changing everyday, so it is important to keep up with them daily. In addition to Rocketship Education helping to prepare their students for the future, they also are well known for helping the families and the parents of the students as well.

In February, the San Jose California area experienced major flooding. The flooding came from the local Coyote Creek, all of its water ran over the banks and caused the homes around the creek to become flooded with water. Many people were forced to evaluate their homes.However, some people did not evacuate because they did not have any where to go. This flood was so severe that officials forced more than 10,000 people to leave their homes.

Some of those people who were affected by the storm were Rocketship Education students and their families. Even more, some of the families were immigrants from Mexico. Rocketship Education helped the families who were affected by the storm in every way that they could.

The families who were helped appreciated Rocketship for their unexpected act of kindness. With the help of Rocketship Education, students weren’t forced to miss too many days of school due to the flooding. Rocketship Education found new housing for some people, paid insurance deductibles, paid new housing deposits and also provided new food and clothing for the affected families.

Rocketship is always working hard to help families who are in need. When personal lives are chaotic, learning can be very hard at times. Rocketship Education strives to make learning easy, simple, and free for their students and parents!