Sam Tabar Makes Waves With His Financial Concepts

Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and financial advisor with a strong interest in start ups. His current work includes Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel, a start up that manufactures children’s clothing equipped with safety devices designed to make it possible to track wandering children by cell phone or by a subscription service.

He is also currently Chief Operating Officer with Full Cycle Energy, a company that upgrades equipment in older electric plants to burn solid waste and who’s mission statement is that it will finance and own projects that revolutionize our relationship with waste by converting waste to energy using innovative technology that produces a clean fuel with few waste products. As COO, Tabar will be responsible for the company’s fund management strategy.

According to Crucnhbase, Sam Tabar has always been interested in finance, in addition to law. He is fluent in Japanese, French and English, and understands the nuances of international hedge fund law. After graduating from Oxford and Columbia University Tabar became a member of the New York Bar and several prestigious law firms. As part of his duties at one firm he served as the hedge fund liaison managed by the law firm for Hong Kong-based PMA Investment Advisors, which was managed by the law firm.

After becoming Head of Capital Strategy at Merrill Lynch,he advised potential investors ultimately introducing them to fund managers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tabar offers practical advice for navigating the complex world of investing. As an investor, Sam Tabar is interested in investing in social startups and connecting good ideas with good people.

In addition Sam Tabar is now writing for the Huffington Post, as a financial contributor. Sam will take on topics ranging from personal finance, to hedge funds, and what the average investor can do to help their money grow. Money management is very important for people that are looking to make a successful career in any field and Tabor will be Drawing on a lifetime of legal, and financial experience.