Slyce Inc. 2015 Performance and Achievements

Slyce Inc is a visual search platform. It provides technology services to companies and individuals through apps, software and programmes. While announcing its financial results of the year and quarter ended October 31st 2015, it also made public partnerships and contracts that it had entered into for that period of time. Slyce entered into a contract with SHOES.com where it introduced a mobile image recognition program called SHOme.ca that will enable customers of SHOES.COM snap pictures of shoes and then purchase them.

Neiman Marcus extended its use of Slyce Technology to all of its product lines through the ‘Snap. Find. Shop’ app. On 6th October 2015. Urban Outfitters and Slyce entered into a contract in which Slyce was to power Urban Outfitter’s visual search for mobile commerce. Shoe Carnival wanted to integrate image recognition technology into its business. Thus, it entered into a contract with Slyce on the 22nd of October for integration of Slyce Technology.

Slyce opened its doors in search of a lead investor. This was done through terminating its short-form prospectus offering. They found a lead investor who subscribed a total of $ 1.6million in 6% interest and later subscribed an additional $1.9 million.

New innovations have been launched by Slyce. It introduced new use cases for visual research. Firstly, it designed a system that would minimize the integration procedure that is required of new clients. The Universal Scanner was introduced for the sole purpose of allowing an automated recognition of an object. This was on October 5th 2015. The Slyce Link was launched on November 25th 2015. Slyce Link was created to stir and ultimately increase shopping conversions on any e-commerce websites.

An Enhanced 3D Object Recognition was launched that was to hugely help in the detection of products in different retailer catalogues. For this to work and products to be well recognized, Slyce built a User Generated Content system.


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  1. It also launched Coupon Author that will assist retailers create coupons that will enable them target customers with special offers. It created a fashion shopping app ‘Craves’ majorly for consumers. That could have fulfilled what I have in mind about doing homework help for these officers.

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