Southridge Capital’s Services

Southridge Capital is a company that offers structured finance and advisory service to public companies. It offers a complete package of innovative financial solutions to help their customers meet their specific needs. Southridge Capital has a team of executives that have a deep market understanding as well as expertise in executing financial plans directly for their clients. Since 1996, the company has made a direct investment of over $1.8 billion.

Southridge is well aware of the challenges that growing companies face having dealt with over 250 companies. Their management team has the skills to consult on many issues such as individual financing techniques and enabling a company to perfect their operations. The end product is the optimization of profits. Some of the services offered under the advisory functions include designing projected financial statements and financial analysis.

The company also helps businesses to balance between equity and debt by application of mechanisms that allow a balance between the two. Southridge Capital also helps companies to undertake measures that better their restructuring outcomes. Structuring and negations are facilitated to enable companies to avoid bankruptcy. By defining the legal requirements, Southridge’s legal services help clients settle litigation. Check out Newswire to know more.

The structured finance service entails credit enhancing, financing solutions, and securitization. Many companies that highly need financing do not fully take advantage of opportunities available. Southridge collaborates with creditors to eliminate debt to help companies improve creditworthiness. The company’s structure is based on the level of liquidity in its stock without the need for minimal market impact and registration statement. This is known to have benefited the company highly.

Southridge enables companies to raise capital based on desire and wish by offering their Equity purchase agreement. Some of the products offered to clients include convertible stock, common stock, and convertible debentures. The management of the company is made of individuals who are experts in their respective departments. The CEO of the company is Mr. Stephen Hicks, and Mr. Narine Persaud is the CFO.

The company promotes community leadership, and volunteer work as it believes this is the right way to impact the larger society positively. The company has partnered with the Daystar Foundation to provide financial support to many organizations. These firms include Ridgefield Community Centre, Save A Child’s Heart Foundation, Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and the Ridgefield Sunrise. Southridge takes it as a personal mission and a corporate responsibility to support social causes. You can visit their Twitter page.

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