steph korey and rolling out new luggage

It can take a lot of resolve and effort to create something new, especially if that something is a new product and business. Despite the degree of difficulty, that is exactly what Steph Korey set out to do and has done. The target of this great innovation is luggage and, therefore, how we travel.


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When she was on the phone with a friend whose luggage had broken at an airport, this idea came to her. It was specifically a suitcase and irritated both of them to find no option between two different types. Cheap but brittle suitcases that would be destroyed in a few months or expensive suitcases that would cost way too much for what they offered.

The frustration caused her to want to change what options were out there on the market for ordinary people. This idea would stick with her for a while as she was taking classes in Colombia at the time. She was by no means experience, though, as she had previously run supply chains for a company and understood how products were made and delivered.

The idea stayed with both Steph Korey and her friend Jen. Jen was an experienced brand director and had successfully used it for a while. When they both decided to come together, they launched the company Away to provide strong and reliable suitcases affordably.

Steph boarded a plane to China and met directly with manufacturers to discuss the suitcases to achieve this lofty goal. The suitcases would have to meet creating standards and be made of certain material. One of the most important was the use of aluminum that was often used to make jets.

This level of care and service has helped to make their business stand out all the more and has contributed to Steph Korey’s success as a whole.