Stephen Bittel – A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Stephen Bittel is the founder and chairman of Terranova Corporation. He was born and grew up in Miami. Stephen went to Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, and pursued a degree in economics.

Stephen Bittel also studied law at the University of Miami. He never thought of being an entrepreneur or a real estate worker but assumed to be a lawyer because his grandparents were lawyers. He owns Terranova Corporation, one of South Florida’s top firms that have been in service as the exclusive agent for notable customers and major commercial projects.

Stephen Bittel began Terranova Corporation when he was still a law student. He could work from his home office to ensure growth. Stephen noted that he had passion for the company, even though he finished his studies at the law school and passed well.

Terranova Corporation has gradually grown. It serves more than 100 shopping centers alongside industrial parks, office buildings, and self-storage assets. It has maintained strategic agility, which has shifted its focus towards rebuilding urban retail centers. Bittel shares three skills that lead to successful entrepreneurship. They include:

Drive: It is the ability to remain persistent during diversity and difficulty. The drive helps you keep the determination required for your company’s growth.

Integrity: These are principles that you implement and stick to. They support your vision for the company.

Empathy: It’s the act of embracing other people’s views on different aspects of life. These ideas help you become a better entrepreneur.

Terranova Corporation was established in 1980 and served as a viable property for local partnerships. The Chief Executive Officer of Terranova Corp; Stephen Bittel played a crucial role in ensuring that it grows to a leading commercial real estate firm in South Florida.Click here to learn more.


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