Stephen Bittel and TerranNova Corporation

Terranova Corporation has been Stephen Bittel’s passion since he started it in his home office in 1980. With a passion for commercial real estate and putting his sound economical sense to work, his company began to flourish. Located in the greater Miami area, Terranova has survived times of recession and times of growth.

With wisdom, Stephen Bittel purchased a shopping plaza and leased stores to businesses such as Publix, Walgreens, Star Bucks, and Payless Shoes, making it more convenient for families to shop close to home rather than having to drive across town. His decision to purchase this commercial property served as a solid anchor during times of downward economic growth. His largest and most lucrative investment was purchasing property on Miami Beach known as Lincoln Road. His good sense and years of experience proved right when he later sold the property for $342 million dollars. At the time of purchase, the price was $52 million.

Born and raised in Miami, Stephen Bittel graduated from high school, then, because of high SAT scores, was able to attend a private university in Maine. It was as a student at the private college, Boudoin University that Bittel realized his interest in economics was also his dream. Rather than following in his families footsteps and practicing law, he attended law school while working for a real estate firm at the same time. He passed the Florida bar exam but never did practice law. Instead he started Terranova from his home. As the years went by, while making wise decisions investing in commercial real estate, Terranova flourished.

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