Tasty Foods For Your Hungry Dog

It’s no secret that dogs love to eat. In fact according to wikipedia.com, dogs seem to enjoy food so much that, not content with dog food alone, they also tend to like stealing human food from our plates. However, it’s not wise to feed your dog human foods because dogs have different needs than we do. But that doesn’t mean your dog’s food has to be boring or tasteless.
If you want to offer your dog some tasty foods that will satisfy his taste buds as well as his hunger pangs, Beneful offers a great range of nutritious meals that are designed to keep your dog healthy and happy.

For a flavorful meal, start your dog off with one of Beneful’s dry food mixes that contains real meat and vegetables. Their Originals line includes beef, chicken and salmon varieties. All of these formulas are designed to contain all of a dog’s necessary nutrients, yet they also aim to be great-tasting meals for your pet.

Purinastore’s Originals (https://www.purinastore.com/brands/beneful) chicken variety contains carrots, tomatoes and avocados for a unique blend of delicious and nutritious ingredients. The Originals salmon variety contains sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. The beef variety contains spinach, peas and carrots.

Beneful’s wet food range, such as their Incredibites line, offers recipes with soft, real meat pieces and a variety of vegetables.

This line features beef, chicken and turkey varieties, all of which also contain vegetables for added nutrition. Some of the veggies included in these varieties are: carrots, peas, spinach and sweet potatoes. The beef blend includes barley, the chicken blend wild rice and the turkey blend brown rice.

These dog food blends from Beneful demonstrate a range of ways in which you can offer your dog a tasty yet nutritious meal every day. Follow Beneful on facebook orĀ  twitter: https://twitter.com/beneful


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