The PR Newswire Feature and Ideamensch Interview Involving Southridge Capital

It is important for companies to instill in their foundation the values, culture and trained executives that will operate with the companies’ vision in mind. In the case of Southridge Capital, LLC, a finance solutions firm based in Connecticut, it is the value of ethics, corporate involvement and employment contentment that form the foundation of the company’s growth. These are the kind of values that contribute to why Southridge Capital is not only one of the most talked-about companies today, but also a part of the list of relevant companies offering quality products to a diversified set of clients.



One of these news features that discuss some of these products and offerings of Southridge Capital LLC is the one from PR Newswire. The news highlights how Southridge Capital has just recently entered into a $5 Million equity purchase agreement with the tech firm, Elite Data Services. Elite Data Services has already established a name for itself. It is now a company that offers quality software applications, solutions and remedies to other firms’ database needs and problems. It is a company that’s able to utilize the most cutting-edge tech today and help other companies generate revenue. The companies it serves involve firms in the automotive, gaming and hospitality industry. With Southridge Capital’s guidance, the company is now able to expand its market share, get more quality clients and close deals that were previously not possible. The Southridge Capital assistance has also replaced the traditional client-based contracts of Elite Data to sell their proprietary products with something more efficient. For more details visit Bloomberg.



On the other hand, it is in the interview that Stephen M. Hicks, CEO and Founder of Southridge, did with Ideamensch that people can learn how he was able to grow his company through his years of honed talent and expertise in risk arbitrage and investment banking. It is there that people can assess how his BS in Business Administration degree from King’s College has contributed to his success today. Hicks also got his MBA from Fordham University, New York.



Asked what his typical day was like, Hicks answered in the interview that he always spends time reviewing the portfolio of his clients. He also makes sure that he spends most of his time looking for new business opportunities.


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