The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an individual with many awards, accomplishments, as well as recognition for her involvement in the makeup industry, an industry that has forever changed thanks to the innovation that Doe Deere and her makeup brand have brought to this competitive and thriving industry. Doe Deere is a businesswoman who is dedicated to her craft and is the current owner of the thriving business that is known as Lime Crime, a makeup brand that focuses on bringing out the beautiful features in both men as well as in women. What sets Lime Crime apart from other companies is the fact that Doe Deere emphasizes beautiful and bold colors to be used on the faces of her clients. Doe Deere believes that the faces of her customers are pallets and should be painted with bright colors that bring out a positive attitude on the inside as well as a confident and positive demeanor on the outside.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and came to the city of New York in order to find a new way of living in a cosmopolitan place. Doe Deere has always loved New York City and loves the city life for the vibrant atmosphere that never sleeps much like Doe Deere. Though Doe Deere is a young woman, she has accomplished a lot even in her youth and has promoted a new way to wear makeup. Doe Deere believes that makeup should be used to express a feeling and an emotion rather than be used to coverup a blemish for another individual.


In a recent interview, Doe Deere discussed her background and discussed the reasons why she became an entrepreneur. During this interview, Doe Deere described her life before Lime Crime and described the job at an insurance company that brought her no joy or encouragement to pursue greater things. It was not until Doe Deere worked up the confidence to branch out and to pursue her own business that Doe Deere became a face that could make anyone smile. Now, in present day, Doe Deere is a proud businesswoman who often has to remind herself that she has a job due to the fact that she is having too much fun.


During this interview, Doe Deere discussed her plans for the future. Doe Deere stated that she hopes to continue to grow her business and that someday she will pass on her legacy to someone that will continue to fulfill her mission. Doe Deere loves connecting with her clients and wants to continue to push the business along a path that will keep her and her clients closely connected and that will make sure that the products that she creates are the products that her clients want.

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