Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO: How you Can Attain Financial Freedom

PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has management experience which is over twenty-five years. He got the name Goldman Sachs 100 in 2014 as he was among the top entrepreneurs and continues to be the advisor in the construction business and renewable energy. Therefore, this article discusses solar energy, energy efficiency and Thomas Neyhart’s impact as a CEO.


CEO Thomas Neyhart was the giant retail chain CEO of Utica Rentals for more than ten years. Tom oversaw more than 165 employees in 32 locations located in six states. Later he was a partner in an executive search firm that majored in construction staffing. As PosiGen CEO points out, over 2500 personel got placed across the United States during this era.


About PosiGen


PosiGen is not only an energy enterprise. The main aim of PosiGen is to help families control and save on the cost of energy. Saving energy costs will help families have their financial freedom back as they won’t be spending much on energy. PosiGen CEO recalls how before PosiGen came into existence, only the rich could afford solar energy. Expensive solar energy meant that those who needed to save some coins couldn’t afford the solar panel.


In everty climate or weather condition, an average home loses a lot of energy through air leaks. Altogether, the leaks make the cooling and heating process expensive for nothing. Introducing PosiGen, a brand new model, helped solve all this (Doyoubuzz). 


What they do is that PosiGen solar power company identifies the primary energy loss and air leaks point. The specific improvement required to offer significant energy savings for your family is identified. In conclusion, PosiGen CEO finally adds, the firm is a solar energy company whose aim is to provide energy efficiency at a favorable cost. They focus on saving energy costs and financial freedom.