Vanilla Bean EOS To Delight The Gourmand

Some people love fruit flavors in their lip balms, and others like a traditional mint. For the gourmand that loves desserts there is delicious vanilla bean. Vanilla bean is just another exciting flavor from EOS reminding wearers of a creme brulee or a vanilla latte. Anyone who loves sugary warm scents and favors will love the taste and scent of EOS vanilla bean balm. Local drugstore only carrying fruit flavors? It can be purchased directly through EOS on their website by following the link above. At $3 a pop they are easy to add to any lip balm collection.

According to Evolution of, the brand is also available at other stores that carry lip care products. These lip balms can be found at most local Well stores, Target stores, and Walgreens stores. In fact, this company that has grown exponentially since their start seven years ago had their start at Walgreens. They have since expanded to many other stores to make it easier for their customers to find their in demand product with less effort. It is not hard to find them, they are easily recognizable by their familiar packaging, the bright colorful dots that punctuate the lip care aisle full of tubes.

EOS customers love the formulation of the products. They are 100% all natural, and impressively 95% organic. The base of the lip balm formula is made from jojoba oil which is an excellent all natural skin conditioner, and from shea butter which is an all natural emollient made from shea nuts. Shea butter and jojoba oil contain essential fatty acids that not only hydrate and protect the skin like other balms but they nourish and condition the skin and lips with essential vitamins found from nature and have an impressive formulaic composition that the skin needs to stay healthy and nourished.

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