Vik Bansal is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Steel Manufacturing Company


Vik Bansal is the chief executive officer of the Australian steel manufacturing company BlueScope.

In 2008 the company bought a steel manufacturing company in Bangladesh- Narail, which was in liquidation. After BlueScope merged with this company, it became the largest private-sector employer of women in Bangladesh. Vik Bansal started his career as an investment adviser at Ernst & Young and then moved to work for Fujitsu, Australia. He also worked for National Australia Bank for six years and was forced to work as the chief financial officer of Forte Ltd before becoming CEO at BlueScope Steel Ltd in 2014.

Educational Background

Vik Bansal went to a secondary college in Sydney- Newtown High School and the University of New South Wales, where he completed his double degree in commerce and law in 1984. In 2007, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Wollongong for his contributions to corporate governance and for having raised international awareness about the need for sustainable steel production.

Career Path

Vik Bansal’s career started in finance when he worked for Ernst & Young as an investment adviser. Then, he joined Fujitsu as a managing director for two years. After that, he moved on to become the chief financial officer at Forte Ltd. Vik Bansal was responsible for turning around the fortunes of the steel manufacturer after it was purchased by a US-based private equity firm, Apollo Management, in 2006.

The company was manufacturing hot-rolled coils, flat-rolled coils, and cold-rolled coils at the time, and by 2007, it had become the largest private-sector employer of women in Bangladesh. The following year, it was also trading at a valuation of $100 million. Its annual revenues were around $92 million in 2010 but then increased to $1 billion in 2012, and by this time, BlueScope Steel was also supplying steel to Australia.

In 2013, Vik Bansal came to the attention of the ASX when he was brought in to steer the turnaround of the struggling manufacturer. He left Forte Ltd to become the chief executive officer of BlueScope in 2014 after its turnover increased by 42%, and it doubled its net profit over three years in 2014.

Vik Bansal is also the CEO of infra build, an Australian company aiming to build and own Australia’s first high-speed rail line between Sydney and Canberra.

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