Villanueva Is Giving Power Back To Your Local Dentist

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental, aims to combine both the corporate level of the dentistry industry with the small practitioners. He has experienced the dentistry industry from multiple angles, so he has a more understanding point of view when it comes to both high level management and small family practices.


MB2 Dental came to be when Chris had realized that many small practices were not living up to their potential. His company brings resources to the smaller guys when they would not have had them available otherwise.


When Chris had graduated from school, he noticed that new dentists only had the option of joining large practices or starting a business from scratch. He had the idea of giving a big business touch to clueless small businesses. Small businesses are now entering the marketplace with the best equipment, staff training and procedure methods.


The company has a very tight knit group of over 500 employees. Within their network, they are involved with 70 different organizations in the United States. The company is lighting a fire under the dentistry industry, bringing more than just marginal increases to profits.


The ‘We are Dentistry’ series on Youtube has become a big hit. These videos highlight the success of small business pratictioners had with the assistance of MB2. The video comes in at a personal level, showing how each individual has changed their business and personal life.


MB2 Dental offers direct Dental Practice Affilliation for small businesses. MB2 will handle the complicated little hassles like payroll, taxes, hiring and legal compliance. They will also help them with setting up practices from scratch to match the national level of standards.


Dr. Villanueva is not just a pencil pusher, he has many years as an associate dentist under his belt. He also has years of experience in training and mentoring other dentists. He has a very diverse educational backgroud with his primary scholing from Venezuela, his bachelor’s degree from Florida and finishing up at Nova Souteastern University.


Villanueva is constantly trying to improve himself and his business practices. He surrounds himself with intelligent, determined people in order to absorb good ideas and positive energy. Collaborating with great minds and big business partners allows for greater opportunities for his business and thus his clients. He is always open minded to the latest technology and is always seeking ways to improve his business with technological advancements.