White Shark Media – a Leader in Digital Marketing

Founded in 2011 by two enterprising Danish Entrepreneurs, White Shark Media has taken the art of digital marketing for small businesses to the next level. The company from its inception has believed that no two companies were alike and therefore, needed to have a unique marketing platform design to their specifications. Due to its platform of excellence in customer service needs, White Shark Media has become one of the fastest growing digital ad companies in North America.


What Shark Media Offers:


White Shark Media offers high-level digital advertising. This includes creating a solid Adwords platform. The company also creates solid SEO that is individually unique to each business needs. In fact, the company has remained so dedicated to detail that they have gained much acknowledgment from some heavy hitters online such as Google. In 2012 the online giant teamed up with White Shark Media to provide even more leverage to their already solid platform. This made them one of only 29 companies providing digital marketing for receiving Google’s Adwords Premier SMB Partners in the United States. The company also provides an advertising platform that is specifically designed for the other search giant Bing. These are just some of the few notable things that are offered by White Shark Media.


Type of Pricing by White Shark Media:


The company has different price packages to choose from and each one provides needs that are designed for different company needs. These prices range from around $300 to $750 depending on the package that is chosen. Over the years, White Shark Media’s dedication to providing competitive pricing has kept them with keeping their fee reasonable to customers. It’s this putting customer’s first mentality that has had customers continuing to return to them year after year. In fact, the company still has their very first customer coming back to them for all their digital advertising needs.


Another great feature of the company is that they offer what is called a free Adwords performance evaluation at no extra cost to its customers. This includes having customer created Adwords platform checked by a specialist to ensure quality in an honest evaluation along with suggestions at no cost.


What is Next for White Shark Media:


Moving forward into the future, White Shark Media wants to expand its company base. But despite this new goal White Shark Media is determined to keep their quality of customer dedication in place. The company knows that although it’s important to look toward the future and to grow, it’s also just as important to remember those who helped to put the wheels in motion. After all, customers are the basis of any good business and White Shark Media realizes this.