Why an Eco-friendly toilet comes in handy, Miki Agrawal

TUSHY helps to erase the need for toilet paper and help reduce the environmental impact of bathroom cleaning. The TUSHY bidet attachment can be attached to any toilet, making it easy to reach every corner of your home.


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Why is TUSHY important?

TUSHY is crucial because it’s an affordable, sustainable alternative to TP. According to the Covid-19 toilet paper shortage, American consumers are expected to need up to 20 billion bidets by 2025. That means that if we cannot find a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to TP, our toilets will need to be replaced around 2020. TUSHY is an essential step in getting our toilets recycled and reused, noted Miki Agrawal.

How can TUSHY help the environment?

One of the main ways that TUSHY can help the environment is by reducing the water used to clean toilets. The company’s bidet attachment uses less water than traditional toilet paper products, and it also emits no emissions. The company has even created a TUSHY car seat, which helps reduce environmental waste while driving.

Why You need TUSHY

Miki Agrawal: It is an affordable, environmentally-friendly way to use toilet paper. The TUSHY bidet attachment can be attached to almost any toilet, making it easy for anyone to use. Additionally, many other sustainable bathroom products can be purchased with TUSHY money. For example, the TUSHY toothbrush is bamboo and has a forest conservation certification.

TUSHY bidet attachment

You need to buy a TUSHY bidet attachment if you have a conventional toilet. It comes in both manual and electronic versions. The manual version is more challenging to use, but it’s still a great option if you’re unfamiliar with attaching a toilet. The electronic TUSHY bidet attachment is more user-friendly and can be connected to your smartphone or computer, added Miki Agrawal.

How can you make use of TUSHY in your home?

You can attach it to the back of your toilet, place it beneath your sink, or even place it next to the shower. All need some pieces of wood and some screws to attach the TUSHY to the toilet.

What are the challenges of using TUSHY?

There are a few challenges with using TUSHY. A traditional bidet attachment contains four products, two of which need to be attached to the toilet to work. With TUSHY, there are only two products. This means that the attachments need to be stored separately from the toilet. They also need to be regularly serviced to maintain their effectiveness.