Why Laura Rea Dickey is Discouraging Business Owners from Relying on Intuition in Decision Making

Intuition has been one of the most common aspects that have been dominating the lives of most of the successful people in the world today. There is always a feeling that it is the intuition that has been driving most of the successful individuals in the world today into a specific path out there in the world of business. There is a belief that most of the successful individuals in the world today have succeeded because of their intuition.

There is no doubt that intuition has been playing a very important role in the success of very many people in the world today. However, Laura Rea Dickey indicates that such approaches to business and investment have been passed by time. In her view, it is very hard for a business expert to rely on intuition today and make a meaningful impact in the world of business that is constantly evolving.

As such, Laura Rea Dickey believes that the issue of relying on luck is long gone, and people have to make sure that they are using something else that can help them to have a meaningful approach to business that can easily be proved and verified. It is worth indicating that some of the traditional approaches in business have been very hard to verify and prove when a business owner has chosen a specific path in their investment journey.

In this case, the emergence of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are some of the most advanced technological advancements that the world is currently using. There is no doubt that using such advancements in decision-making will be much better than relying on intuition. That is why Laura Rea Dickey has been encouraging business owners to move away from the traditional approaches to business and make use of modern industrial technology.

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