Why Securus Technologies is Vital in Crime Prevention

When you work as a fugitive hunter, each hour you are not arresting a suspect means they are out on the streets putting a community in danger. This month we were hunting a particular suspect who was extremely violent, you never knew when he would stab a teller or beat a store clerk. The sooner we found our suspect, the sooner a community could relax again.


We knew exactly who we were hunting, the problem was he dropped off the radar after each crime. He did not have family in this area, and we were not sure if he had a network of friends or if he was simply great at staying off the radar. These are the hardest cases to close because you can not reach out to family, friends, or informants to provide help. My instincts told me he was getting help, and I knew just the place to drum up some information.


Inmates love to brag and talk about their crimes, and with the help of Securus Technologies, I was going to get them to talk without even realizing. The local prison has the latest Securus Technologies inmate telephone monitoring system installed, and it has been instrumental at helping officers curb their drug and weapons issues inside the jail. The LBS software can pick up specific chatter from inmates, so we decided to see if our fugitive was on the mind of anyone in that jail.


This fugitive has been in the news lately, and apparently he has many enemies too. When we heard one inmate talking about money that was owed, we knew we might have a lead we could follow up. The money was part of a fencing scheme, and once we identified all the players, we set a trap and our fugitive walked right in one day completely caught off guard.