William Saito Advice for Business

The infamous Japanese American businessman, William Saito, is also a cyber adviser who formerly worked for the Japanese government. In December of 2017 Saito resigned from his government job to look at other ventures. His specialty in cybersecurity helped, and as an entrepreneur, he was very savvy and knowledgeable within that domain.


Born in 1971 to Japanese parents who came to the United States from Japan and making him 47 years old today Saito was raised in Los Angeles His career started at an early age and at some point, he was hired as an adviser and consultant for the office of Japanese Cybersecurity. Later he became a consultant and CEO of another Tokyo based entity.


One of his objectives was to assist academic students to learn about the advancement of business security. As a qualified adviser, Saito informed students to get involved in the growth sector and create venture capitalist possibilities. He wanted employees to come up with reachable and meaningful goals within any business program that was created.


The most important point was to make sure the business plans were compatible with the area in which the members reside. In their guidelines, Saito and his group were looking for support from the business professionals in order to implement network protection methods, computer and entrepreneurship management, tactical strategy and planning.


Here are a few other areas in which Saito has been involved:


Investigation and research of all things that are new within the political field.


Tactical strategies for relationship management with residential and government entities.


Seeking communication methods that are more impelling, especially when using the exchange of opinions and making sure the reactions and thoughts are effectively expressed.


In 2015 Saito visited Silicon Valley and a couple of major technology firms located in the area.

Monitoring the progress of the companies and focusing on their business plan was very important for Saito. Figuring out the direction of where the business was going became a priority so as to push the business within the right path.


After learning how to deal with venture capitalist mentality and selling his I/O Software business, William Saito left for Japan for a bit and in 2011 he was recognized as the Young Global Leader within the WEC (World Economic Forum).