Steve Lesnard – North Face Podcast

Quite unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic swallowed many brands, leaving only some struggling while others barely surviving. Amidst this unexpected crisis, some brands managed to not just survive but thrive as well. Steve Lesnard has been the leading executive of one such brand, The North Face. With his forward thinking and quick adaptability, he managed to change the direction of his company’s tilt and revitalized production suited to the “new normal”. As the CMO and VP of The North Face, Steve has now transitioned his expertise to other multi-brand companies as well.

The stratagem employed by Steve Lesnard at The North Face was allowing customer preferences shape the company’s line of merchandise, which was a maximum personalization approach by him. Lesnard also shared in his podcast that he chose to make strategic use of first party data, i.e., using authentic analyses to build relationships with consumers.

Lesnard made sure his approach heavily relied on the customer’s feedback, needs and expectations. One such example of this is The North Face’s breathable waterproof fabric called the FUTURELIGHT. This production fell closely in line with the needs of athletes wanting to stay dry without suffocating in waterproof clothes. Steve Lesnard was quick to act on customer feedback, making it a priority and living up to the expected standard of needs and quality both at the same time.

The North Face has enjoyed Steve Lesnard’s commitment. He has been dedicated to strengthening the brand’s prestige at an international level and continues to aid brands in a similar fashion. Steve Lesnard’s certain that the pandemic has changed the trajectory for many businesses but knowing where to take a dive and dodge hits is one of his expert tactics.

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